"The Viola Project is an extremely special and powerful experience for my daughter. She has done many different kinds of summer camp programs offered in our great city and enjoyed them all, but The Viola Project is unique in how it brings together an artistic element, a social awareness element, and deep support and admiration for the girls. She leaves TVP every summer feeling both very relaxed and happy, and deeply challenged with a real feeling of accomplishment."

"The Viola Project has really shaped me as an actor. I have learned to project, to use the space around me, and to make the most of my acting skills. But that isn't all. The Viola Project has taught me to stand up for myself and for others, and to understand that any woman has the right to be treated just as a man would." 

"The women actors and teachers of The Viola Project are AMAZING. They have helped my 10 year old daughter find her voice. Send your daughters to them and watch them bloom!" 

"I learned many things about Shakespeare that I had never even thought about before. I thought acting was fun, but I didn't realize how relevant Shakespeare's characters are to people today. I can't wait to come back." 

"My [14 year old] daughter told me she "felt empowered" after being at The Viola Project! Her confidence has grown ten fold! Thank you SO much!"

"Thanks again for two terrific weeks at The Viola Project. [My daughter and I are] still talking through lots of stuff the girls discussed. Strong work to all of you for giving these girls a safe and intentional place to start thinking through these issues! 

"A big shout out to The Viola Project for their fabulous programming. [My daughter] and I had a great conversation tonight about the importance of financial literacy and independence. All that and Shakespeare too!"

"Viola provides a fun and safe space where young women can explore identity and empowerment. A welcome oasis of dignity and value."

“[When thinking about The Viola Project,] two things come to mind immediately: One, just how happy my daughter was every day after camp, and how excited she was to go everyday. Two, the workshops were a bit edgy this summer, AND IT WAS GREAT.  Stretched minds, made the girls think about seriously important stuff, really appreciated that.”

"I have been with the Viola Project since 2010. I have so many favorite memories, but one of the best was doing my first scene. The language is hard, and making decisions as a character can be hard too. However, the end reward is so worth it."

"I first heard about Viola before my daughter was old enough to participate. It has been everything to her that I initially hoped it would be... and more! It is hard to explain the power of giving kids truly great stuff to do and believing in them as they exceed their own expectations unless you've seen it! All the more so for girls, who even more are too often confined by other people's narrow expectations"

"[At The Viola Project], I was with more people who could understand me. We could talk openly about girl things -- like how we got treated in the past and how our lives have changed from the past. It's important for me to talk about these things so I can understand more about myself and others."